My studies
Gabor Lesko, born in 1974, had been growing with music since he was a little boy. Coming from a musician family, he decided to continue in the music tradition and started to study playing classic guitar, piano and orchestra composition with Vilmos Lesko at the Conservatory of Bergamo in Italy.
Later, he gained the professional music experiences during his studies of harmony and composition in Budapest and with Franco Cerri at the Civic Jazz School of Milan.

Winner of the Berklee college of Music Scholarship, in Boston.
He Moved for one year in Usa (1998), where he studied psychoacoustics at the Musician’s Institute (G.I:T:) and met well-known professors such as Joe Diorio, Robben Ford, Jennifer Batten, Frank Gambale.
After his studies, he begun to play concerts and cooperated with Bill Detko, the producer of Schott Henderson and others.

Professional experience
In his career He Had collaborations with great artists such as Gianna Nannini, Dave Weckl , Dannis Dragon (Beach Boys),Vince Tempera, Tony Levin, Simon Phillips, Eric Marienthal, Jimmy haslip, Chad Wackerman and others
Some of his most important projects include motion pictures (RAI Trade, the Italian television), relaxing music (Yoga Journal), music with poetry ( “Parole Note”- Universal).
Moreover, he is an author of 8 albums and didactical publications.

Gabor Lesko sound is a unique combination of accessible melodies, accomplished musicianship, hypnotic rhythms and an uplifting vibe, which has already been drawing in audiences from around the world. A unique combination of jazz musicianship, melodies that catch the ear and the heart, and infectious rhythms is brought together to winning effect on His Lasts albums “Fingerfusion Project “& “Earthway”…
Gabor Lesko´s unique mix of acoustic guitar with percussive Tapping and contemporary jazz improvisations, has made him a household name in Italy.

1997 Electric Fusion Solo “Emy” – Tring, Sony.
2004 Electric Fusion Solo “Just For Sensiive People”.
2007 Electric Fusion Solo“Colors, Images in Music”
2011 Songwriting , Electric,Acostic “Share the world”, first Time as vocalist.
2014 Fingerstyle “Sweet winged Fingers” 2018 Contemporary Jazz : “Velvet”

2018 Conremporary Jazz ” Velvet ”

2019 Progressive Fusion : “Fingerfusion Project”

2021 Fusion “Eartway”

Didactical Books for Guitar
2009 – Improvvisare su tre accordi , Ed Carisch (Chitarra Fusion )
2011- Poesie Fingerstyle , chitarra acustica , Ed. Fingerpicking/Carisch
2013 – Brani Facilissimi per giovani chitarristi Ed. Fingerpicking/Carisch
2013 – Diventa Veloce , Fitness Guitar Method (Rock ) Ed. Volontè & Co
2016 “Jewels” (Fingerstyle covers Ebook)

Most Important Venues:

2007 New Morning Paris

2009 : Jazz Cafè, New Spirit –Bratislava

2008 /2009 /2011: Head Liner at Blue Note Milano

2009 : Soave Guitar Festival, Stazione Birra –Roma

2011: Webster Hall New York, All Asia Boston

2010 : Madame Guitar Guitar Festival

2012 :Maf Festival Musica a Fiorano

2012: London Acoustic Festival, 12Bar Club London

2012 : Fiuggi Guitar Festival, Ferentino Acustica

2014 : Head Liner Sarzana International Acoustic Festival

2013/14 : International Festival of Crickvenica ( Croatia)

2014 : Musikmesse Frankfurt , Jazz Cafè Amsterdam

2015 : Festival do Cearà ( Brasile ), Jazz Cafè Brussels